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What A Long Weekend

The weekend got off to a rocky start.  I ended up going home from work early on Friday–I wasn’t feeling so great–and was still feeling rather yucky on Saturday.  But we managed to get some stuff accomplished on Saturday anyway.  I visited miss Pamela–she’s working on getting better–and the kids played outside ALL day!  Brian and I escaped for a little bit to get some groceries and coffee.   When we got back to my sister-in-law’s place we set up to BBQ supper before Brian had to go to work.  While I was changing Abi I saw something move out of the corner of my eye….

wpid-20140517_180805.jpgI didn’t see this little guy at first.   But apparently when ever Chaos & Mayhem (aka Caleb & Abigail) come over he retreats to the towel cupboard. (which is also where she keeps the kids back up clothes)  It made me jump when I saw him!  wpid-20140517_180807.jpg






Saturday night the kids watched “Dispicable Me!”, one of their favorite shows

wpid-20140516_181155.jpgAfter they went to bed, I finished my Moroccan Tile cowl

Sunday was another outside day.  After church miss Abi took a nap and Caleb and Brian and I worked outside in the yard.  I did way more than my shoulder should have done.  By that night crocheting was rather difficult!  But I started another little project that should be done by the end of the week…


I can’t tell you what it is yet as it is a gift for a special little girl I know!  (Her momma will know what it is if she reads this 🙂 )

We finished the weekend with a lasagna supper at my sister-in-laws and a lot of rain!  It started raining late Sunday night and rained all day Monday!  My freshly raked yard appreciated it greatly!

Today my shoulder is sore, my tummy is feeling better and I feel mostly rested (I was in bed at 915 last night).  It was a great weekend!  I hope you had a good one as well!

Now, it’s time to get this short work week going…coffee time!


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