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New Yarn Gets A New Look

You may recall a couple of weeks ago I mentioned there was a new yarn in the house.  I am happy to report that it now has the beginnins of a new look.

I had decided to do the Moroccan Tile pattern found at moogly.com.

While Miss Pamela was in the hospital and I was keeping her company I started the first two rounds.  Now I have 7 done and I think it will be really pretty. It is a very fast working pattern.  The designer has an AWESOME step by step video to help get it going.  I thought it was great!

Being the first time I have done this pattern I’m not sure why the spaces are there–could be my hook is too big for the yarn.  So, I will say this now, I may be taking it apart and starting over with a smaller hook.  Then again, I may just finish it as is.   Because it is 100% wool, I have decided to line it with a flannel when it’s done…most likely black…so it won’t be so scratchy.

There you go…the beginnings of something beautiful!  You may be wondering why I’m not working on the Mario Blanket….well It’s way to big to pack around so it’s a “work on while watching Netflix after the kids are in bed and my homework is done” project at the moment.  🙂  It’s coming along nicely as well.  I should have an update on it soon, I’m almost ready to start the first of 3 clouds.

Happy Thursday folks!  Have a great long weekend!


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