Window Into...

Window Into…Motion

Since I was on a break last week, I missed posting on the weeks “Window Into…” theme.  It was … MOTION!

I have had the perfect picture on my mind but wouldn’t you know it, I can’t find it.  But in the process of searching I found two others I forgot I had.

No. 1:

wpid-20140513_201652.jpgTaken on the way down a huge waterslide in BC.  Why back when I was so much braver than I am now, the sudden drop off the edge of a waterslide seemed like so much fun!  My friend and I camped out at a place called the “All Fun Water Park and Camp Ground” just outside of Victoria BC.  I have no idea if it is still around but it was so much fun!  There was a great camp ground and across the parking lot was a HUGE water park!!!  We picked up a couple of waterproof cameras and took them down the slides with us.  Good times!  Great memories.  I also seem to remember a sun burn like none I have ever had before or since…YIKES!

No. 2:

wpid-20140513_201755.jpgNot far from where my parents live there is a lake called Comox Lake.  It is a clear glacier fed lake and EXTREMELY cold!  One summer there were some forest fires around the area and this helicopter was flying support for the water bombers and crew on the ground.  I was getting ready to leave when it came flying around the corner.  I happened to take this picture at just the right time.  It looks like it’s parked on the clouds.

I love taking pictures.  I just wish I knew more about the art of taking pictures.   Someday, I will take some lessons.  I love using film over digital of course, but sadly buying film is  getting harder to do so I may have to settle for keeping up with the times 😉

If I ever find the other picture I was thinking of I will be sure to share it!  Until next time!


ps…I should mention that both of these pictures are actually pictures of the actual pictures…they were taken on a film camera and I don’t have a scanner so that’s why they aren’t the best quality….but they work!


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