The One Pound Plan

I Did It!

Well, I said I would do it and I did it.  I busted out the Tae Bo VHS and gave it a good effort!

I can honestly say it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!  My body might disagree with me tomorrow but for right now I feel great!  Well, most of me does anyway.  My left shoulder is quite sore.  There is a lot of punching but I couldn’t keep up on that side.  When I got changed after it really hurt to change my shirt.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.  Tonight I will take some pain pills and ice it really good to try and keep it from hurting too much….I’ll let you know how that goes.

My plan is to do this every night from Tuesday to Saturday, after the kids go to bed and while Brian is at work…no one needs to see this that’s for sure!  I had to take a few breaks tonight but I will keep going until I don’t stop once!  It’s only 20 minutes, how hard can that be…my body will have an answer to that question tomorrow!!!  😀

Have a great rest of the week all!  It’s time to finish some homework with a cup of tea…   Keep Moving!


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