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40: One More Month


I  will be 39 for one more month!  I can’t believe I am going to be 40!  Yikes!  I am so excited!  It’s not a huge birthday like when I turned 16 (got my drivers licence), 19 (age of majority and able to drink), 25 (the dreaded quarter century), or even 30 ( don’t even remember turning 30!)!  And it’s not as big as turning 50 (HALF A CENTURY!) will be.  But for some reason, this birthday seems HUGE!

It feels like a birthday that requires a HUGE party! That being said, I’m not much of a HUGE party kind of a person.  So I have been trying to figure out what to do.  If I were at all brave,  I would try what a fellow blogger did for her 29th birthday, and take a Flying Trapeze Class… BUUTTTtt…I’m not that brave!  Not only that, I’m terrified of heights so anything HIGH up is out of the question..hahaha….

I don’t drink anymore, so clubbing isn’t an option.  There is no circus in town so can’t do that,  and I am MILES away from the nearest ocean front cabin so that can’t happen either.  I had thought about having some friends join me for an overnight stay at a spa/hotel in Moose Jaw and hitting up the casino, having some fine supper and then splashing around in a mineral pool…but the hotel didn’t have any rooms available for the affordable package deal they advertised.  NEXT!

Another thought was to have a mani/pedi treatment at a local spa with some girlfriends where we could bring in food and beverages and relax.  Well I won a package from the local radio that included a mani/pedi, waxing, hair cut/color and blow out and a few other treats on Friday so I guess that’s out.  (So excited to have won though!  Happy Birthday to me!)

An idea I am currently working on is to have a Paint Splatter Party at 4Cats art studio.  They have a studio beside my office.  I’m waiting to hear back from them to see if this will be an option.  Basically its you and your friends in a room throwing pain at a canvas that the birthday kid gets to keep (it’s 6foot by 3foot canvas) and then everyone works on their own 18″x24″ canvas to take home.  I think it would be a blast!!!


found on Google Images

At the moment they don’t have any openings in June but they do have a few in July so my 40th birthday celebrations may be a little late but I’m ok with that!  This would be totally worth the wait!  🙂


What kinds of fun things have you done for birthdays?  I’d love to know!  I’d also love ideas in case this art day doesn’t work out…hahahaha…. Have a great week folks!





1 thought on “40: One More Month”

  1. First, congrats on winning the spa day!! How fun! I love the idea of a Paint Splatter Party… that is so creative. It seems like it would make for one awesome “modern art” piece at the end! Hmm… I’m not sure how fun they’d be for someone else, but other stuff I’ve done to celebrate birthdays have been go to a Sunday gospel brunch, try afternoon tea, go trampolining, and take a tumbling class. 🙂 I’m excited to hear what you end up doing!

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