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Time To Finish-Coffee & Crochet Friday Night

Last night I broke out the Mario Blanket I have been working on for my brother.  It has been slow going.  I mean REALLY slow!  I started it almost a year ago now and I’m almost 80% done.


I think I am going to have to add some blue sky between the top of the turtle duck guy (I can not remember his name!) and the first cloud. My brother is just over 6′ tall and I don’t see this being long enough if I don’t add the extra yarn…And so tonight I plug away.  I’m so excited to see it all done.  My goal is to finish it for his birthday…in 2 weeks…It might be late by a couple of days but it will be finished THIS MONTH!

Stay tuned for a progress report on Monday!  Have a fantastic weekend!




4 thoughts on “Time To Finish-Coffee & Crochet Friday Night”

    1. Hi there….hehehe..thank you! Unfortunately when I’m done this project I have a few more to catch up on. It is a fun blanket though isn’t it? I wouldn’t be opposed to trying one again when I’m done my other things though….I’ll keep you posted 🙂 thanks for stopping by…have a great weekend!

  1. This is just the coolest. It looks FANTASTIC!! (And I think the turtle-ducks are called Koopa Troopas! I’m a child of the 80’s… I think it’s required knowledge for me…)

    1. You are right and as soon as I saw what they were called I said “Doh!” I knew that! Well, I have finished him and am working on a big blue sky space before getting to the clouds and the “score” band on the top. Then it’s edge it in black and trim the thread ends and I will call it done…so like another YEAR!!! hahaha…my shoulder hurts after about an hour so I have to quit for a while…it’s slow but I will get it done!

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