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Sun Shine & Lady Bugs

We have been enjoying some really good outdoor time now that the weather has decided to warm up a little.  The yard is still a little damp so the kids are still in rain boots, but they don’t seem to mind.  The fresh air is wonderful!  They were in the corner playing when all of a sudden Caleb came running… “MOM!  MOM!  Come Wook!!! (he doesn’t say his l’s yet)” So I went to see what was going on…and they found a bunch of lady bugs.  “Take a picture mommy!”  So I did…I even let one crawl on my hand…which got them even more excited.  Although, poor Abi tried to pick one up and she squished it….she shook it off her finger and went back to look at more…hahaha…

They sure slept well that night.  It has been raining the last couple of days so we can’t wait to get outside again … they want to see more lady bugs.

This last picture makes me giggle a little bit…Caleb was playing with Abi as Brian and I were discussing things we wanted to do in the back yard.  I turn around when I hear lots of laughter and this is what I find…

Who’s watching who now??

I think I should be worried when it comes time to have a babysitter…miss Abi might be a handful!  hahahaha….. Love that kid 🙂

Have a great day all!  It’s THURSDAY!




4 thoughts on “Sun Shine & Lady Bugs”

    1. Thank you. I discovered adding galleries when adding more than one photo….it give you a few options of how you want the pictures to look..I chose circle. I don’t think you can change the appearance if you only add one….but I guess you could do a gallery of one to make it round…hehehe…

  1. I’m so happy that you guys are *finally* getting a little springtime!! It is well-deserved, and I’m sure the kids are loving getting to play outside again. Yay for a little sun!

    1. It’s really funny….in a very sick kind of a way…but this past weekend I woke up to white flakes floating in the air, and last night they called for wet snow…I am sooo ready for summer!

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