My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

For The Love Of Musicals

I LOVE live theatre!  I have had the amazing opportunity to take in several productions in my time.

Some have been professional tours…

I have seen “Jesus Christ Superstar” twice.  I could have seen it a third time but my silly brain (I had had a baby 6 months earlier) forgot I was given tickets and didn’t end up going…I’m still mad at myself for that.   It is coming back to Regina in July.  I would love to go, so I am going to start saving some pennies to see if I can make it.   “Joseph” was seen with my gram.  She took me along on her seniors tour because it wasn’t something my grandpa enjoyed.  There is nothing funnier than hearing a bunch of seniors “Oohing” and “awing” over a guy in a loin cloth!  It was so funny.  One lady called the actor who played Joseph “Yummy”… she had to be about 80!  “Phantom” was seen as a splurge gift to myself.  I had to be in Vancouver for a labor dispute, so my flights and hotel were covered.  So I pick up some sweet tickets 5 rows from the orchestra pit on the aisle seat next to the middle section.  I felt the air of the chandelier as it blew past me and landed on the stage right before intermission.  LOVE!!!

A couple were local theatre groups…

“Beauty & The Beast” stared one of my former classmates. I couldn’t not go see it.  He played Gaston and he was fabulous! The whole show was great!  And “Les Mis” was done by a local theatre group and we took the entire school to see it.  I was in love with the music from note one!  I was so thrilled to see the movie, but it isn’t the same as live!

But my favorite were the ones I helped with stage directing while I worked at Western Christian…

Oh how I miss all the work that went into putting on a show.  The stress of making sure all the sets were done, the songs were learned, the lines memorized.  I loved watching the kids grow into their roles and make them their own.  Seeing the work that went into the sets.  I was always so nervous for everyone on opening night!  I remember when our fearless director (who was also my boss for a couple of years) and I would be wishing it were all over!  The weeks leading up to show time we would be fighting to get everyone to do what they were supposed to be doing.  And then, as we got closer, we would almost always start talking about the next year’s productions as if we couldn’t wait.  hahahaha… 🙂

I hope I can take my kids to some musicals when they are older.  For now, I will drive them crazy and give them unforgettable memories of their momma singing along (and possibly dancing) to “What’s the buzz!” or “If I were a rich man” (I heard you finish that line!) They might need therapy!  HA!  🙂

To all my Western Family…I miss and love you all so very much!  Thank you for some wonderful memories and blessings!  BIG HUGS!!!  🙂


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