The One Pound Plan

Day 1~Seeking Motivation

As I mentioned yesterday, I am starting a 30-Activity Challenge. This “project” came about from a conversation I had with my good friend Becky on the weekend. I didn’t mention it in my list of activity suggestions, but I highly recommend a good laugh for over a half an hour with a good friend. Oh my…it was late and we were both a little tired I think! Anywho, almost 3 hours later we had come up with a plan to keep each other motivated. We gave each other home work and will be checking in with each other through out the week…via texting, phone calls or FB. One of the homework projects I gave her…and myself…was to set up a “Motivation Board”. I have seen them on Pintrrest and they look really cool. I am going to do a book instead of a board and I started it on Saturday night…
So I’m not an artist, but it was sure fun playing with markers. I have actually done a few more pages to get it all started and will share them soon. But this is the beginning. I can’t wait to doodle again tonight!!!
Here is the report on Monday’s 30 minutes activity…racing around a kitchen trying to get an Easter supper in the oven on time.  Yes I count this as activity…I was out of breath trying to get everything done.  But, it made it in and I managed to throw in some squats in every time I had to pick something up, go into a bottom cupboard for something.  So, not a spectacular first day but they will get better.  I barely count this…but I will.   Tomorrow will be better and a time dedicated to a workout of some kind.



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