The One Pound Plan

30 Day Activity Challenge

I have been doing a lot of thinking since this whole blood pressure thing came up.  One of the tests the Dr wanted to do was to check my kidney function.   She said that because she had checked it not long ago, she didn’t think we needed to test it again.  That had me wondering some things.  Enter the wonderful world of Google!

High blood pressure is the leading cause of kidney failure next to Diabetes.  hmm…consider my butt kicked!  What am I going to do about it.  “Play it again Sam”!  I’m going to get my butt in gear and lose this weight!  Eat better!  Drink water!

Enter the 30 Day Activity Challenge.  For the next 30 days I am committing to doing a MINIMUM of 30 minutes of heart pumping exercise every day!  Remember this advice?

Specific: Do an activity every day that gets my heart rate up
Measurable:  30-60 minutes
Attainable: Just get moving…either at the gym or with the kids at home
Relevant:  It will get me closer to my “big picture goal”
Time-Bound: 30 DAYS!

I am going to journal my activities (and most likely share them with you all :)), my food consumption, water intake and stuff like that and see what a difference 30 days can make.  I weighed myself this morning to get a starting point for the next 30 days (273)…I’m not going to check again until the 13th of May. 
Why not take this challenge with me?  Need some inspiration?

walking (try to walk as fast as you can without running)
running (Go Forest!)
roller blading (be sure to wear your protective gear)
bowling ( How many strikes can you get)
aerobics class (Richard Simmons anyone??)
swimming (pretend your being chased by a shark!!)
Frisbee (um…if I could master the throwing part, this could actually be fun)
sex (yep, I said it, nope don’t wanna know about it)
chase your kids (or your dog)around the yard (Here’s comes the Mommy Monster!!)
let your kids(or your dog) chase you (The inmates have escaped, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES)
climb a lot of stairs (I’d love to do mine without losing my breath!)
wash the floor (the old fashioned way)
hand wash some clothes (if you feel at all motivated)
DANCE!!! (Come Baby….Lets Do The Twist!!!)
bike ride (Peddle Power…good for the environment too!)
canoeing (I can paddle a boat…canoe? har har har)
trampoline (I bet you can touch the sun)

Or how about some tips from ASAP Science on burning 200 calories:

What are you going to do?? I’ll post every day and you can reply in the comments if you did something that day as well. Have a great week! Now, get moving!



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