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40: What am I going to be when I grow up


Who am I kidding…I’m not going to grow up!  But if I ever do, I wonder what I’d be.  When I was younger I wanted to be so many things….

1. Helicopter Pilot–I have actually logged 5 hours of flight time towards my commercial licence.  I had to quit because it is really expensive!  REALLY expensive!  If I ever won the lottery, I’d consider taking it up again.  I loved the time I had flying!

2. A Lawyer–My mom always said I made good arguments and that I should be a lawyer…hmm…I argued but not sure they were always good ones 🙂  Thanks for the encouragement though mom 🙂

3. A Travel Agent/Destination Representative–I took 2 years of a Hotel, Motel, Resort Management program but dropped out.  I was almost done, but I was young and didn’t take it seriously enough.  If I had the chance to do it again, I would finish…then I would rule the world!!

4. A mom–Nailed it!

5. Singer–um, yeah…singing along with my cd’s in my room using a hair brush as a microphone…um…yeah…enough said 😉

I’m sure there were more things I dreamed about growing up, but I can’t recall them all.  At 40 I realized I still have 25 years left before I hit the golden age of retirement…even then who says I have to retire!?!?!  So I started thinking about things I want to do when I GROW up….

1. Home based booking keeping business–will be finishing my certificate this summer, let the work begin!

2. Coffee shop owner–work with my hubby in a coffee shop the give back to the community.  More on that as it develops 😉

3. GRANDma–here’s hoping right?  I have two chances…ahahaha…

4. While we are dreaming: Globe Trotter!  Not the basketball kind, but actually getting out there and seeing the world.  I’m not going to lie…this one was inspired by a fellow blogger whom I stalk all the time to see where she’s been and where she’s going!  Someday, I’m gonna be just like her!  🙂

I think that’s it.  25 years is a lot of time to make some of these come true…but lets face it, do you really think I’m going to grow up by the time I’m 65??  NOT!!!  😉

What are you going to be when you Grow Up?  What did you dream of becoming?  Did any of them come true? Are they going to come true?  I’d love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “40: What am I going to be when I grow up”

  1. You totally just made my day with that last comment! I’m honored to have inspired anyone to do anything. 🙂 Also, I had no idea you’d taken flying lessons!! You are so incredibly brave! Seeing as how I need to drug myself to even get inside a plane… I’m super impressed.
    So I have to admit that I think about this ALL the time and still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up! When I was young, I remember wanting to be something new every year… interior designer, actress, supreme court justice (I was pre-law for half of college), executive assistant (I REALLY like organizing stuff), and pastry chef… to name a few. 😉 I love the idea that it’s never too late to decide. Such a great post!

    1. Yes…I enjoyed flying until the day we covered what happens when the engine quits…a plane has wings, a helicopter, not so much. It was the scariest thing I have ever done when we actually cut the engine! I’m still here to tell about it so it went well, but we did have a glitch getting it started again…hahahaha. I am terrified of heights so It’s so weird that I like flying.
      We took a Hospitality Law class in the hotel program and it was one of the best classes I had ever taken…I think studying law would be so fascinating…can I ask why you didn’t carry on with it? I forgot about being an actress…I’d only ever be in a movie with Johnny Depp or Harrison Ford so I probably wouldn’t get very far 😉
      Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love hearing from others…much like you do with your Window Into I’m sure.

      1. Oh Jenn… just reading that bit about cutting the engine (on PURPOSE, no less!) made my palms sweaty. You are so brave!!
        There are so many different types of law that I’ve never considered- like Hospitality Law! My interest was in legal philosophy & reform… I think I switched to pre-med because I couldn’t picture a career path (other than Supreme Court justice/ legal clerkt… and those jobs are near-impossible to get, to say the least!). Looking back on it, I suppose I could’ve gone into academia and become a legal professor or theorist, but at the time, “veterinarian” seemed like a job I could actually picture! 🙂

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