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Window Into…OOpps

This weeks “Window Into…” theme is “Oops”.    I had to laugh when I saw this because I am sure I have a few Ooops shots kicking around here some where.  So, I did some digging and sure enough I found two I thought I would use this week.

The first one isn’t so much and OOoops picture as is the statement I made while entering this store.


Summer 06 (72)
One of the most unfortunate store names I have ever seen…but you will never forget it that’s for sure!

So here’s the story….I was walking up 5th Avenue back home in the beautiful town of Courtenay.  It’s the “main” street in town, lined with some very cute and unique shops.  This one is no different.  My dad was ahead of me and I decided I would take a look in the store.  So he would know where I was I yelled out to him “I’m just going to pop into Uranus for a quick look and I will catch up!”  About six people looked at me with a “what did you just say??” look on their face and I thought nothing of it until I saw my dad laughing and shaking his had….AHH….Uranus!!  Oh my….almost dies laughing right there!  Ever since then it’s a must stop in store!  If your ever in the Valley…please feel free to Pop into Uranus and have a look around!

My actual OOppps picture came to mind as soon as I read Miranda’s oops story.  (See her post by clicking the link above…worth the read)

"Hey there...Come here often?"
“Hey there…Come here often?”

So, there is this market in Coombs, BC called “The Goats on the Roof Market”  A total tourist trap and totally worth the stop if you are ever in the area.  The main building has a grass roof that literally has goats living on it.  These two were out walking around one day and I was happily taking pictures to show my students back in the dorm when I got back from summer vacation.  While showing them in a slideshow on my computer one of them pointed out that one of these goats is quite happy to see the other goat.  I was mortified that I had mistakenly taken this picture….oops….oh well, it’s only natural right!?

There you have it folks…this weeks “Window Into…”  Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Window Into…OOpps”

  1. HA HA! This post had me laughing the whole way through! LOVE IT!!
    Um, how has no one informed that shopkeep that he or she’d picked the most awkward name EVER for a store?! “Getting things” from Uranus doesn’t sound much better than “popping in!” The second picture is too funny… I was looking at it and couldn’t find the ‘oops’ until I read the paragraph below! (That’s probably bad? As a vet I should maybe realize when a 4-legged animal has five!) Thanks for a great laugh this morning… love your window into!

    1. Hahaha…it is quite awkward to shop there…the store is great, lots of one of a kind gifts and cards but the name…I would love to know the thought process behind choosing the name….its certainly unforgettable!
      I do believe the actual phrase to point out my oops with the goats was “either the goats on the Island have 5 legs or he is REALLY happy to see the other goat!” I couldn’t stop laughing writing this post!!!

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