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Lead Me Not Into Temptation

I love chocolate.  I love salty snacks.  I LOVE peanut buttery goodness! I don’t need any of it right now!  But I want it!  I find it so frustrating, that we live in a time when getting healthy is such a HOT topic and yet, we don’t have any support from the places that are trying to encourage the healthy habits.  Case in point…Wal-Mart….this is what I spent 10 minutes in line looking at (time spent in line at Wal-Mart is a TOTALLY different RANT for another day, but man could I RANT about it!)

Junk, Junk and more JUNK!
I totally get the marketing scheme here.  I have taken a couple of marketing classes in my days.  These are those last minutes, “I need a snack” things called “Impulse Items”.  I have given in to them before.  In the express line there is a cooler full of soda–including the dreaded Pepsi that I also love–and I have grabbed that too on my way through the “not so express” express check-outs.  (I have an issue with line ups in Wal-Mart, can you tell?)

I found myself actually staring at this food line up of sugar overload and prelude to a diabetic coma and thought “why can’t they put something healthy here? I’d really love something to snack on but not this!”  A coffee machine with free coffee while I wait would have been better than this!  hahaahha….but seriously, surely retail stores can find better options to put out there then this.  Gum? Fine, I get that too.  It’s not terrible. In fact I have chewed gum to fight junk food cravings before.  I don’t even know if I can think of an alternate option for this section at the moment, but seriously there has to be something better.

I turned around to avoid looking at this to see what other “impulse” buys I could be distracted by and it was much of the same thing only it was Rice Krispy bars, sugary cereal bowls, fruit snacks and (this isn’t too bad) Nutrigrain Cereal Bars.  Right beside these shelves from sugar hell were magazine boasting “healthy spring receipies”, “How to get more veggies in your diet”, “foods that help you lose weight” (not in this aisle there isn’t)” and so on…I laughed out loud though when I read the cover of one book that said “Beat Diabetes without Medications”!  Um…yeah, I’ll just have some Reece Peanut Butter Cups while I read that one.

In a time when health is such a hot topic, I feel like big food stores need to take responsibility and actually “ENCOURAGE” good choices.  We humans are not good left on our own to figure it out.  (Me mostly) They should be offering better “Impulse snack” options.  STOP THROWING JUNK FOOD IN MY FACE!  and then offer a magazine on how to eat better!

Ok, I’m done.  I thought I had worked out this little frustration at the gym this morning with my 30 minute bike ride followed by a 20 minute stroll on the treadmill.  Guess not…oh well.  For the record I didn’t by anything from that shelf.  I had my cart full of healthy menu items for the next week’s meals and was very happy with myself that I resisted the temptation to pig out on something on my way home.

My next rant—you guessed it…line-ups at Wal-Mart!  hahahaha…just kidding!  I’m sure you have experienced this same pain and don’t need to be told how annoying it is to only have 4 cashiers open when the entire store checks out! hahahaha….Have a great day folks!  Be strong the next time your faced with temptation!  You can do it! What’s that old saying about drugs?  Oh Yeah…JUST SAY NO!



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