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Amputation Deemed Not Necessary

I still have my left arm this morning after my dr appointment yesterday!  Yeah me…bla.  I took a turn sleeping with miss Abi on the couch because I can’t seem to get comfortable in bed and it helped a little.  I got more sleep last night than I have in a few nights so I will try again tonight.  Then maybe, when it has calmed down a little, I will be able to sleep in my bed again.  so frustrating.  Anywho…I had x-rays on my neck and shoulder today and have a prescription for pain meds and a year of physio.  He is positive physio will help. I think it will too, but the pain management has to work too.

OK, enough belly aching…I have more important things to be upset about.  Like how I missed Zoomba class last night because we had friends over for supper!  Sheesh!  It’s like I’m not supposed to go!  I’ve tried 2 weeks in a row and both times it didn’t happen.  Next week I WILL GO!  I’m not upset that we had friends over…do not miss read that!  I am so excited they came over!  They have two very cute kids and we had a fantastic visit!  I totally feel that I burned more calories happily enjoying company than in any class!  YUP!  Caleb, Abi and their little guy ran all over the house yelling, screaming, laughing and being so very loud….it was FANTASTIC!  I am so blessed to have them as friends and that we can hang out and watch our kids play…I can’t wait to do it again.  Wanna see what we had?  I give you our food model…Miss Abigail…image

She loves spaghetti!

Well, I must dash…coffee is calling my name and I need to contemplate my day 🙂  Have a good one folks!  Until next time…


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