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Come On Spring!

Good Morning and welcome to Monday!  It’s a CRISP -24 this morning…the last day of March!  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?

Mine was fairly quiet. Saturday I helped my mommy-in-law in the dorm where she works to give the girls a spa night.  We decorated the common room and set up some food and stations where they could get manicures, pedicures and facials.  I couldn’t stay for the whole time but I think they all had fun!  I enjoyed way to much chocolate fondue!


Sunday Brian and I took in the Spring Home Show.  I printed labels so I could enter as many contests I could find and not have to write a lot…crazy you’d think but I was told I was not the only one doing it 🙂  I thought I was on to something…hahaha… I entered contests for vacations, gift baskets, a free house cleaning (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!) Free products and signed up for I don’t know how many free in-home quotes for everything from blinds and windows to roofing companies to back yard decorators.  I even won a salad cup!  It’s awesome and I can’t wait to use it!  After almost 3 hours we left with a dozan re-usable shopping bags full of free candy, information flyers and a headache (for me).  It was good to go and see.  Especially when we know we have some major projects we need to do on our house starting in late summer.  Sunday night it was time to catch up on my nasty reality TV addiction–Amazing Race, Master Chef Canada and Hell’s Kitchen!

And now, it’s another week.  I’m starting less then refreshed, If I’m honest.  My shoulder is keeping me awake at night still.  I’m so glad I am seeing the Dr. today…my first request will be for some pain management–I’m not really attached to my arm so amputation is totally an option.  The rest of the week will be getting to the gym and eating well…speaking of that here’s an update

Last week I managed to get to the gym only twice.  The week filled up and got busy fairly quickly…not an excuse I know but that’s how it goes.  I did manage to stick to my menu about 95% of the time.  Other then fondue on Saturday night and pizza (and possibly a McDonalds meal in there) I did really well!  I’m hoping to get a weigh in tomorrow when I go to the gym.  Tonight is ZOOMBA!  I can’t wait!

There you have it folks…nothing interesting I know….I hope you all have a very blessed week!  Laugh often, worry little, and drink as much coffee as you feel like 😉



2 thoughts on “Come On Spring!”

  1. Wow, you guys did such a great job with the spa day! It looks lovely. (Those cupcakes, in particular, caught my eye!) That Spring Home Show sounds like fun- I love that you brought pre-printed labels! We had a good weekend, too… yesterday Mr. M & I took a 30 mile bike ride along the coast and ate a HUGE brunch at the halfway point (so huge that the waiter brought us an extra place setting thinking there was no way all that food was for just 2 people!). I hope that the doctor was able to help with your shoulder pain today… short of amputation, of course! 🙂

    1. Thanks….I didn’t do any of the food prep…my mother-in-law worked with her international girls to make everything. The cupcakes were really good…:) A bike ride sounds amazing…and along the coast? Even better! I miss the ocean! I think Brian and I may have to try some bike riding around town this summer. Yeah for huge Brunches!! That’s awesome! The dr ordered some x-rays of my neck and shoulder because of some other symptoms that are turning up lately, and naproxen for pain. I hope it works…I need sleep…ahahaha…

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