Window Into...

Window Into….On The Road

When I saw that this weeks theme was going to be “On the road” I had to really do some digging.  I don’t usually take pictures when I’m driving~a good thing since I can’t chew gum and walk  ~ and I very rarely think to take any while I’m a passenger.   But…I was not going to miss a Window Into moment and I found one….

Comox Valley Glacier

This was taken a few summers ago when we went home.  Home being Courtenay BC in the beautiful Comox Valley.  I am always struck by how big the glacier seems when we drive down one of the hills heading into down town.  Its the first thing we see as we head to my parents place from the airport.  When I see it I am home!  You don’t see anything like this here in Saskatchewan (not that Saskatchewan doesn’t have its own beauty) and I miss the mountains so very much. 


3 thoughts on “Window Into….On The Road”

  1. Jenn, I hadn’t even thought about irresponsibly promoting Driving While Picture-Taking (DWPT, I’m calling it)! Shame on me! πŸ˜›
    Nonetheless, I’m so glad you were able to dig deep & find this photo. I love that your post speaks to both being on the road AND being home. It reminded me of the wave of happiness I used to feel seeing the city lights as I drove into LA on my way back home from vet school. Even when we’re on the move, that kind of a ‘road marker’ can have such a comfortable, soothing effect. πŸ™‚ And a massive glacier is a pretty awesome road marker! I can see why you’d miss the mountains when they’re so closely tied to home.
    Thank you so much for sharing this one! (And for not DWPT. Because that’s never good.)

    1. Oh I have taken pictures while driving….caught an awesome cloud that looked like a hand after an amazing thunder storm once….almost drove off the road hahaha…but its a great shot….I should find it….anywho…yes, there is something refreshing about seeing “home” coming into view. ..doesn’t matter how tired I am, I feel a rush of energy and excitement….its a great feeling.

  2. This reminds me of a very similar mountain in Africa that we had to drive past to get home. As I didn’t know the area, after a long drive it was always great to make the turn and there was the mountain – as it was the only thing I recognized. For our long stay there this represented a sigh and HOME.

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