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Hello Thur…I mean Wednesday!

Yes I did it again…only this week it started in Monday….I went to be on Sunday night with a killer headache and ended up missing work on Monday because of it.  When Caleb was getting ready for bed he asked for his iPad but I told him he couldn’t have it because it was a school night…but that he only had one more day of school because tomorrow was Friday and he could have it then.  Brian looked at me and said “Are you sure about that?”  I stopped and thought about it….man, it’s going to be a long week when I think Monday is Thursday!

This is a common thing for me.  If I don’t work on Monday’s, for whatever reason, I am a day ahead of myself all week.  I had to remind myself it wasn’t Thursday twice already today…yikes…Oh well!  It hasn’t been a terrible week so far.  Other than a headache that wouldn’t quit ~ It finally took it’s marching orders today, I woke up headache free~ I have had a good time laughing with my kids.  I am in awe at how far Caleb has come with his speech.  Every day he blows me away with new words and phrases.  I’m also reminded that kids WILL repeat what they hear!!!  OFTEN!  Woops!  hahahaha….I am guilty of saying things like “Oh crap” or “Dang it” and my favorite “What the heck!?”  And so far Caleb has been able to say them all….quite clearly.  I apologise and say that mommy shouldn’t say those things and neither should he.  He listened to that too…yesterday I said “dang it” when I spilled the dogs water and from the living room came the cutest little voice reminding me “don’t say that mommy” 🙂  I am so proud!

As for Miss Abi…she added two words to her growing vocabulary this week…down and bunny.  We have been watching the movie “Hop” and she LOVES when the bunny plays the drums.  She dances and sings…loving it!  So far she can say Abi, papa, no (of course), down, bunny, hi, bye and auntie.  When we try to get her to say nanna it comes out lalla…so I’m going with that for nana’s name 🙂

Well, I wasn’t going to post anything this week.  I feel like I post too much sometimes and was going to try and take a little break… I guess we know that is not the case.  Oh well.  I love blogging and like my coffee, I just can’t stay away 😉  Here is a little Wednesday Funny for you…sent to me via Pintrest from my dear friend Becky…


Have a great rest of your week…don’t forget to vote for my picture (if you haven’t already) click on this link and vote for the picture below… and thanks for taking the time to do so 😉




4 thoughts on “Hello Thur…I mean Wednesday!”

  1. I was stuck on Thursday as well! All day Wednesday I kept thinking it was Thursday, my hubby was like wtheck is wrong with you? Lol… Oh boy, but yesterday (real Thursday) flew by so no complaints here 🙂

  2. Oh no! I think an accidental “Thursday” on Monday is the most dramatic (or shall we call it idealistic?) I’ve heard of! 🙂 I’m glad you made it to the weekend! I would be in serious trouble if I had kids… I have to admit I can be a bit of a potty mouth. (I’ve tried to put a positive spin on this and say that I’m just “passionate,” but Mr. M has informed me that no- I really am just a hot-head potty mouth!) 😦 That’s cute that Caleb has started correcting you!

    1. No kidding….the rest of the week flew by very fast 🙂 I used to have a really colorful vocabulary as well….but when I started working with kids in a high school dorm I really had to watch what came out of my mouth…we wrote tickets for swearing! I actually had a student write me one when I accidently let a bad work slip one day..hahahaha…. I like your description, “passionate”, that’s one I will have to try sometime 😉

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