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Something Fun on Tuesday

Ok, so I found this gem of a video on YouTube.  I used to listen to Rick Astley ALL THE TIME back in the day…and that day was the late 80’s!  More specifically, “Never Gonna Give You Up” from 1987!  I know your singing it right now….you should check this out….I love this MashUp!  It is very well done… Who ever makes these things has way too much  time on their hand and are very talented! It is a great mix of Fresh Prince, Rick, and JOHN TRAVOLTA…be sure to watch all the way to the end …  Enjoy…I bet you’ll be humming it the rest of the day 🙂


4 thoughts on “Something Fun on Tuesday”

  1. Dance moves alone = amazing.:) Do you remember the “Rick-Rolling” that took place a few years back? Where someone would post an interesting-looking (unrelated) link, and it would ALWAYS, invariably take you back to the Never Gonna Give You Up video? I sort of love Rick Astley, too, and every time I got “Rick Rolled,” I’d always end up watching the whole thing. :} Mesmerizing.

    1. Ok, as soon as I saw the opening scene I knew the song right away! Too funny! Such horrible dancing but Abi and I danced along with it at 630 this morning 😉 Thanks for that little flash back! This could turn into something I think…hahahaha….

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