The One Pound Plan

I Give Myself Permission


Today I’m giving myself permission to have a bad food day.  On the menu?  Well lots of coffee, some chips, chocolate, Wok Box, Pepsi, and what ever I can get my hands on!  It has been a long week.  I have been fighting cravings all week and I just don’t have any fight left…..last night I would have finished off some ice cream if we had some in the house!
There…. now that I’ve said it out loud, it doesn’t sound like that much fun…hahahaha….I might not eat THAT much junk, but whatever junk I do eat today I’m not going to feel bad about.  Who knows, maybe by the end of the day I’ll be over this little junk food tantrum I’m having and I won’t eat any…it just feels like a good day for it… tonight might be me with a movie and a bag of chips while crocheting after the kidos go to bed 😉
What are your go to junk foods on days when you MUST have a bad food day?

Have a great weekend friends….ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “I Give Myself Permission”

  1. Chips, chips & more chips!!! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I never seem to have any in the house & am to lazy to hit the corner store by the time the kids are asleep lol mmmmm now I want chips 🙂

    1. hehehehe….I’ll be stopping at Wal-Mart on my way home from work 😉 I’m kind of looking forward to it now..hahaha…but with my luck, tonight the kids won’t want to sleep! hahaha

    1. Hmmm…that does sound yummy….I’ll have to try that next time…I broken down and picked up a few provisions 😉 I did get popcorn too 🙂 love you too my friend…

  2. A cheat day as some say is very needed at times… And I had a lovely weekend of cheats. I allowed myself a guilt free trip, and I am happy and STILL motivated for today’s work to be done. Usually after a fatty day or weekend I am like “oh man, whats the point. I ate too much crap. No point in hitting the gym”… not today!!!

    I have also been looking into intuitive eating. Have you heard of this? I have read up on it a bit… I think its the way I will find success in breaking my binging habit. Who knows, I am still looking it up.

    Glad to hear you have/will be enjoying yourself!! 🙂

    1. hehehe…well when I started to chow down, it was ok….but I really didn’t “enjoy” it as much as I wanted to 🙂 I just wrote about it today…I have heard about intuitive eating…but I don’t know much about it. I’ll have to read about it too… hope you had a good trip and enjoyed your time in Texas!

      1. Look into it, they have an official website, you may find some of their tactics helpful.

        I did not enjoy Texas much, the weather was gross and the environment is not something I am accustomed to. I felt really uncomfortable the entire time. Haha, but as for getting away from the responsibilities of every day, it was great 🙂

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