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That’s Right…It’s ONLY Wednesday


Ugg….It’s already been a long week!  Last night didn’t help.  Miss Abi is sick and sounded like she was having trouble breathing all night.  So, I was awake listening to make sure she was ok…that means no sleep for mommy….I don’t think there is enough coffee in the world for today!  But, I will survive!  I will be counting the minutes until the kids go to bed so I can crash, but I will survive….FYI there’s  660 minutes until their bed time…665 until mine!  hahahaha….

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Smile, only 2 more wake ups and then it’s FRIDAY!



8 thoughts on “That’s Right…It’s ONLY Wednesday”

  1. So sorry to hear you lil one is sick. Nolan has a wicked cold as well, nights have been no fun! And, although I love it, he only wants mommy when he is ill.

    Wishing you a great night of sleep!

    1. No kidding! Took her to the Dr this morning and she will have some meds and a puffer again. So we are on the road to recovery 🙂 Got a bit of sleep last night, but I’m finding as I get older, it takes so long to recover from no sleep…ahahahaha….Here’s to more coffee today! I am addicted aren’t I? 😉

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