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Monday Check In


Hello and welcome to Monday Check In with Jenn.  I hope you had a great weekend!! Mine was a work out and a half…but I loved every minute of it. 
Saturday I helped Pamela paint her new room….

It went from this


To this…


I love the new color!  It was a great work out….stepping up onto a chair and down, climbing stairs, squatting to paint base boards….it was a great work out!  My sitter downer is still sore today!

Sunday we moved all of her cake decorating supplies…she teaches classes so she has a lot of stuff…plus she makes fabulous cakes and needs lots of cool supplies. So there was lifting boxes and lots of stairs. All in all a very busy weekend with lots of excercise.! I felt every step and squat all day today. Felt pretty good 🙂

As far as food…well I didn’t do so great keeping track, but I ate fairly well. I made good choices and when there weren’t good choices I didn’t go over board. I feel good about the eating part at the moment.

I didn’t go to the gym today because I felt I had done lots on the weekend…and im lazy. But I plan on going Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week.

Here’s a funny from today…well it wasn’t funny at the time but it sure is now. I was building a fire in my sister-in-law’s back yard with he kids, Brian and Cindy. I managed to get it going and asked brian to toss me another piece of wood so I could slowly build it. So he did. I pulled my hand back because I thought it might hurt (my left arm is sort of not the greatest to be catching with these days) and the wood smashed into my ankle bone. Instantly my foot went numb amd hot. I couldn’t walk very well and I was trying not to swear in front of the kids (I am prety sure a couple choice words slipped out though) It seems fine now, but at the time I had to lay down because I felt sick from the pain. It will have a nice bruise I think….


Good times….one great thing about getting injured in the winter…no end of snow for ice packs.

Well folks, there it is. The beginning of a bang up week….I hope this is the worst thing to happen all week. Fingers crossed 🙂 Have a good one! ! Until next injury…I mean time. 😉


5 thoughts on “Monday Check In”

      1. My butt, the lower part, is on fire. And now its strength day.. I am going to be in trouble lol

  1. Oh no! I can’t ‘like’ this with your poor ankle all banged up! Although I do love how you always search for the silver lining, with the snow as your ice pack! Glad the rest of the weekend went well. Aside from the smell, I really enjoy painting… it’s such a satisfying task being able to see (and feel!) what you’ve accomplished. I’m sure your friend appreciated all the help! 🙂

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