The One Pound Plan

Monday Check IN

Well, it’s been a week.  I still haven’t been to the gym, BUT, I have been trying my best to eat better.  To keep me “Honest” I started a photo journal of my meals.


Turkey Bacon and egg wraps, coffee, yogurt and a banana were most of my breakfasts this past week
I won a free Wok Box so I had teriyaki wasn’t very good. Wraps are my favorite lunch


It’s just all good!



Now it doesn’t look like I ate a lot…but being as I just started there were a couple of things I forgot to take pictures of and I also didn’t photo when I ate the same thing more than once.

I don’t have a weight for today because I forgot to get one this morning…. On the gym front, I will be trying for today, Wednesday and Friday.  I’ll be starting my C25K training all over again.  It’s been to long to pick up where I left off.  But that’s totally ok!  One day at a time right?

Hope you all had a great weekend and stayed warm and dry…It’s snowing today and warmed up to -32…so like 20 degrees warmer!  It’s manageable today I think.  Have a great week all!  Keep moving!  Time for some coffee!


3 thoughts on “Monday Check IN”

  1. Really good idea… I shudder to think of having to post pictures of all the junk I eat! Which makes me think I really shouldn’t be eating it. :} Love this idea, though!

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