My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

Ouchful Wednesday


Ok, so I know Ouchful isn’t a real word but that’s my day today…full of OUCH!  hahahaha…I’m going to try and paint a picture for you of what you would have seen had you been in my living rooms this morning.


So, this is not just a cute picture of Miss Abi wearing a facecloth on her head.  This is also the picture of the board that is trying to kill me!  That board that is blocking off the kitchen is why I hurt today…again!  That is the same board that I’m pretty sure broke my toe in the summer….that was also an ouchful day!  But today…today it is about to become firewood!

After I got Caleb off to school in his cab, I had to go to the bathroom.  Abi doesn’t like to be left alone in the living room so I was going to take her with me.  I picked her up and proceeded to life her over the board while attempting to step over myself.  Yeah…enter slow motion image.  I must have stepped on the bottom of my stretchy pants because my legs never made it over the board.  Abi and I made it over alright…just not my legs!  Abi is fine.  Once I managed to realize I had nothing broken I immediately checked her over.  She was stunned a little and was patting me on the leg and making a sound that I would like to think was her asking if I was ok…hehehe.  Then I noticed all the places that hurt.  I have a foot long bruise on the inside of my right leg above the knee, a baseball sized bruise on the outside of my left knee.  My left hand is bruised so is the outside of my left foot.  My left shoulder…the one I am in physio for…is in a huge amount of pain and very stiff.  Other than my pride, I do not think anything is broken.  THANKFULLY!  Oh..and broke 3 nails on my left hand.  On a plus side, my back is not hurting anymore.  I must have wrenched it back into place at the same time.  I’m totally ok with that as I am able to sit and walk normally now.

I’m laughing about it all thought!  It just doesn’t pay to start your day without coffee that’s all.  A cup of coffee might have prevented the entire thing.  Yep…coffee saves lives 🙂

Well, I hope you are having a great Wednesday!  Mind the Gap!  That’s all I have to say…MIND THE GAP!

Just a little mommy giggle


8 thoughts on “Ouchful Wednesday”

  1. Oh my goodness, ouchful, indeed! I’m glad neither of you were too seriously hurt, but darn- that board really deserves to be firewood!! (I know I shouldn’t laugh, but your ‘mind the gap’ really got me giggling!)

  2. 🙂 Yes, you are right coffee does do some life changing! I drink iced coffee before my 12 hour night shift…and I hardly yawn!

    Hope you are feeling better!!!

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