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Trying to smile through the cold!

I have been a fan of the Veggie Tales for a long time.  Caleb used to fall asleep watching Jonah all the time.  Anywho, one of my favorite parts of most Veggie Tale shows are the Silly Songs with Larry.  Today at work I actually listenend to MOST if not ALL of them!  It was good therapy for this crappy cold weather we are having…laughter is great medicine.  So, I thought I would share one or two of my favorites.  Push play and enjoy…


The second one is just for fun and it usually gets stuck in my head every time I listen to it!




Stay Warm all….


3 thoughts on “Trying to smile through the cold!”

  1. Ha ha ha! I’ve never seen Veggie Tales before, but I love the tribute! Thank you! 🙂 They certainly didn’t teach us the ‘yodel’ treatment in vet school… I may have to try it this afternoon (along with medicine, just in case). 😉

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