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Team Diabetes Update

logoHappy Monday!  I hope you are all staying nice and warm!  It’s -46 here with the wind chill (that’s -51f for my friends south of the border) I am so ready for summer…then I will complain how hot it is.  I’m never satisfied! hahaha…

Well, it’s the end of the month and my next deadline is fast approaching.  My March 7th goal was $4500.  At this moment I have raised $1800.  I think it’s safe to say I will not be taking part in the Scotland event.  I am ok with this.  I have known this for a while and have come to terms with it.

What I am having trouble dealing with is missing my goals that I promised to raise for this amazing cause.  When I signed up it wasn’t so much about the great opportunity to go to Scotland with other Team D members–this is a great bonus for the work that goes into raising this much money–but it was the challenge to get in shape and use my efforts for a great cause.  The goal being to cross the finish line in my first ever half marathon.  I also feel bad for not making my goals so that the research can happen and the tools can be put in place for people living with diabetes.  There are other events I can take part in.  I will be chatting with my co-ordinator to see what happens now.  In the mean time, I will plug on and plan events, raise the money I promised to and try my best to get in shape so I can finish the race that is before me.

These things being said…my Feb. events went not to bad.  M&M Meats wasn’t great and they have offered to do another weekend for me.  So on March 7-9 you can shop at M&M meats on the east end of Regina and choose to have your purchase count towards my fund raiser.  This past weekend was Bowling to Strike Out Diabetes!  There were 13 people that came out and we had a good time!  I will be planning another bowling night…this one will be a movie themed event and I’m hoping it will be around Halloween.    There will also be another Walk-A-Thon in May…I enjoyed that a lot!  I am also thinking about a concert if I can find someone who would be willing to be the Star of the show 🙂

So…to anyone who has shown support thus far?  THANK YOU!  Every little bit helps.  Please share my efforts with your friends, co-workers, your mail man even 🙂  We all know someone living with diabetes.  The money raised goes to finding a  cure and treatment as well as support.  If I could, I would raise money specifically for D-Camps–summer camps for kids with diabetes that help them function in the world and have fun while staying healthy.  If my the money I have raised so far could go directly to camps, I have made enough for one kid to attend…it is about $1500 to support one kid at camp with 24 hour medical staff and the programs for a week.  Having made enough for ONE makes me very happy!  Lets raise more so more kids can attend.

If you would like to make a donation you can do that here  Thank you again!

Have a great week!  Stay Warm!


2 thoughts on “Team Diabetes Update”

  1. I commend you for ALL you’ve done both to raise money for diabetes research and to bring awareness to such an important cause. It’s clear how hard you’ve worked to reach your goals… making the world a better place isn’t always an easy task, and taking on the challenge is a huge accomplishment in itself!

  2. Thank you…I have developed a huge appreciation for anyone who has to do fundraising as part of their job…it’s not easy!! After a short break and a chat with my coordinator I will get back at it 🙂

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