My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!, The Road Home

God the Teacher

I like to think of this side of God as the fourth side of the Trinity…I know there are only three sides to a trinity but this side became very clear to me…God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and now God the Teacher. 
I spent some time reflecting on the past year…or even a little more than a year…and like they say, ‘Hind sight is 20/20’.  I can see, now, moments where God was trying to teach me somehing~either about Himself or about myself~ that in those moments I was not seeing.  It’s amazing He is so patient with me! 

Here is what I re-learned today that I missed along the way…

When Abi was sick last year, we were very fortunate that both my sister-in-law and mother-in-law were off work on Christmas break.  It meant that there was someone to watch Caleb and that Brian didn’t have to miss a lot of work.  We were also blessed to have the staff at the hospital, the second trip in, that listened when we said there was something wrong amd took action.  God is a provider.  It doesn’t mater what we need, it will be there in some form or another.  I had friends who came to visit and let me get rested and showered and fed while they watched my angel.  God knew who to send…I’m thankful.

I have spent a lot of time worried about our upcoming mortgage…a lot of time!  We think we are ahead of the game amd we get an unexpected expense dropped on us.  We think we are getting better and someone gets sick again.  Its been a crazy roller coaster of emotions…at the end of the day we can’t do it alone…I’m learning reliance.  God calls us to rest in Him.  Everyday I’m seeing opportunities where I NEED to rest in Him.  He will carry me and I will finish the race set before me. 

I’m learning patience…oh am I learning patience!  Abi isn’t sleeping through the night, Caleb has potty issues, money is tight, winter is LONG…all these things test me to the point I want to snap!  My shoulder keeps me up most of the night…ugg.  I know from experience that in His time things will work out.  This too will pass…someday šŸ™‚ 

I became a baptized Christian on June 9th, 2002.   His calling to me was a long time coming.  Through a gracious and very patient friend He worked in my life to where I knew without a doubt I needed Him in it.  From that moment on I have been a student…some days I don’t get my homework~ prayer amd bible reading~ done, somedays all I do is complain thats its too hard.  Somedays I wonder why He doesn’t answer my questions when I’m waving my hand in the air like a fool!  Somedays I don’t want to talk to Him nor do I want to hear what He has to say.  At the end of the day…I’m a student and He is my teacher.  We will always have that love/dislike relationship…mostly on my part because I know He loves me no matter what~ the Bible tells me so~ and I will be His student until the day I join the rest of the graduating class at the end of time…for this I am greatful! 
I don’t know if any of this made sense to you…only God knows what you need to learn here.  But my heart is filled with overflowing joy~mixed in with a bit of fear and hesitation~ about me next lesson.  For class all you need is a couple of knees willing to bend, a head ready to bow, ears to hear, eyes to see and a willingness to learn from the Greatest Teacher I know….
Now would you please open your bibles to Matthew 6:9-13



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