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Curling…a new love!

So, I have recently started following curling…thanks to my sister-in-law Cindy.  She’s a big fan.  She has her favorite and not so favorite teams.  As for me…I am still learning how this game works.  Then my friend Pamela sent me this lovely YouTube video that explains it all…

Clear as mud right?  Oh well, maybe I’ll get that Curling For Dummies book for my birthday that I’ve been asking for!

In all seriousness though…I would love to plan a Curling Fundraiser for next winter…hmm….might have to talk to Cindy about that 🙂

Congratulations to Team Jones for winning Gold in Ladies Curling!  And not just winning gold but being undefeated through out the tournament!  Something to be proud of!


6 thoughts on “Curling…a new love!”

  1. I have been intrigued by the sport since the ’06 winter games and have just finally had the opportunity to take a class! It is so fun and a much better workout than I expected!!!

    1. I can imagine it is. I have yet to actually try it but I can’t wait to. With my shoulder injury I don’t think I could sweep very well..hahaha…so for now I’m an avid spectator 🙂

      1. Hehe….thats what my husband says too 🙂 we might be going to a fundraiser curling game this weekend actually…I just found out about it..could be fun 🙂

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