My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

Good Weekend

What a good weekend.  Relaxing, refreshing and fun.  We had a long weekend and we didn’t do anything!  LOVE THAT!  Saturday the kids and I watched some Olympics.  Suddenly, during speed skating, Caleb wanted his socks back on.  Once he had them on, he was off and “skating” through the living room

My future little speed skater

Then Abi decided ski jumping would be her thing

Good form, ready to fly

Caleb was celebrating that he won his race and came running to me with his star from Sunday School and I put it on him and we all celebrated.  Then he put it on his sister…I have amazingly cute kids…



Later that evening they decided possibly Summer Olympics would be their thing…Abi swimming, Caleb Diving


They aren’t great pictures because of the window behind, but you get the point 🙂  Sunday was spent watching curling at my sister-in-laws and then relaxing at home.  Then on holiday Monday we did grocery shopping and more relaxing.

And that is life in my house at the moment.  Not sure what we will do when the Olympics are over…well the Brier starts soon so that will dominate my TV…and the kids will learn how to HURRY!!!  Caleb loves yelling at the tv with his auntie!

Have a good week all.  It has finally warmed up so the kids and I may very well go play in the snow today!  Can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Good Weekend”

  1. You DO have amazingly cute kids. That part about Caleb letting Abi celebrate with his Sunday School star got me. 🙂 Also… this could be a really stupid (possibly American?) question, but what is “the Brier?”

    1. The Brier…well, it is the “men’s Canadian Championship in Curling” –I asked my sister-in-law for the best way to describe it. It’s also hosted by my FAVORITE coffee provider Tim Horton’s 🙂 The winner gets to represent Canada in the World Curling championship. I have only recently taken a liking to curling because of her…it really is a great sport if you can ever figure out the terminology and rules…I’ve asked for a “Curling for Dummies” book for my birthday…hahaha…Canada’s Ladies Team just won Gold today! The Canadian men play for Gold tonight…I will be staying up to watch it for sure 🙂 Not a stupid question at all! 🙂

      1. Ahh, curling! And thank you for all this info! You’re too kind… mine probably was a silly question, and it *definitely* was an American one, haha! Americans haven’t yet discovered the wonders of curling (our loss, clearly!), but it looks like a fascinating sport when I’ve caught it on tv! Congrats to our Canadian neighbors on the men’s gold! Hopefully the women will follow suit tonight. 🙂 Exciting!

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