My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

Winter makes me grumpy


You can’t tell from this picture but its a blizzard today.  Blowing snow, lots of wind, COLD!  I’m just about ready to be done with winter to be honest. 

“How done” you ask?  Well, when I was going  to work this morning I slipped down 3 of the 4 stairs at our front door.  My body hurts!  Please let it be spring soon…

Happy Hump day all…watch your step…that first ones a doozy!


4 thoughts on “Winter makes me grumpy”

  1. OUCH!!! I am so over winter. and snow. and cold.
    I just want to hear the birds chirp and to be able to sit out on my driveway while my son rides his tricycle up and down our street.
    * Here is to hoping for an early spring for you and me!

  2. Oh no!! Slipping down icy steps is just adding insult to injury! Or injury to insult, as it were. No wonder you’re done with winter! I hope spring comes soon… for your safety’s sake! 😉

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