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Zombie Monday


Oh my goodness…it’s going to be a long day I fear.  There will be a large pot of coffee brewing at work for sure!  It’s 3 am and I can’t sleep…bla. 
How was your weekend?  Go anywhere?  Do anything fun?  Get some rest?  I hope so.
It was a very relaxed weekend around here.  Friday night we tried finger painting…haha..Abi had no idea what to do!  She really didn’t like having paint on her… but I managed to get some foot prints made for a certain daddy for V-day from the kids.

It was fun…thanks to my friend Pamela for taking son pictures.

Then on Saturday I spent the day with Miss Pamela…we went Shoe Shopping!!!


Ok, so I am excited about these new treads for a couple of reasons…one, I have never owned shoes specifically for running! They are so light and cousiony its like walking on air! LOVE!! And two because of the AMAZING deal I got them for. Regular price: 144.90 paid: 49!!!! I am really excited! Today they will meet the treadmill for the first time… I sure hope they get along…yay for new shoes!!!
We also stopped in and picked some stuff up from M&M Meats to support the fundraiser. They had signs up telling people about it…

I will hopefully know in a couple of days how it went…and now on to Bowling Night. (Wanna buy a ticket???) The evening was spent crocheting and watching a new show we really like on Netflix…Call The Midwife!! We cried and cried…and laughed a bunch too….great show! Check it out if you haven’t yet.

Sunday the kids weren’t feeling great…snot was flowing everywhere. So i stayed home from church with them. Then Brian went to a camp board meeting all day so the kids and I chilled out watching the Olympics, enjoyed some yummy chicken nuggets my sister-in-law brought over and played Wii and cars. I even managed to get most of my kitchen cleaned. It was a good weekend.

And now I can’t sleep…so I shall crochet until I feel sleepy again. Then time to start another week of work…I’m gonna need lots of coffee I think…

Thank you to my good friend Becky for sending me this gem from Pintrest...it applies today for sure!

Have a great Monday! Chat soon…Where’s my crochet hook…


4 thoughts on “Zombie Monday”

  1. Ha! I love that quote about a yawn being a silent scream for coffee! And congrats on your new shoes!! (I like the purple soles!) I’m anxious to hear if you notice a difference running with real live running shoes. By the way, $49 is an AMAZING price! Score! I hope the kiddos are feeling a little less snotty these days… and that you’re getting enough hours of sleep to have to count on both hands!

    1. Thanks…yep, I’m still in that “49? Really?” mode..its great…however have not been to the gym…been a crazy week. Kids are less snotty but not sleeping better…in fact Abi just woke up and we have migrated to the couch for yet another slumber party….at least she will be back to sleep soon…she’s too cute 🙂 will let you know about the shoe vs treadmill later this week I hope 🙂

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