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Look Out 40…Here I come!

71861-fabulous-40-beverage-napkinsThat’s right…I’m gonna be 40 in June!  I can’t wait!  I have big plans for my 40th year!  And to get there I thought I would do a post on the 5th of every month with some random facts about me and my 40 years walking this earth…. I would love to hear from you as well!  One of my favorite bloggers starting doing a little thing called “Window Into…”.  I can’t wait for the next one we are going to do.  I thought I would borrow that idea for these posts (Hope you don’t mind)…ready to play along?  Here we go…

Some Fun Facts from 1974:

The Watergate Scandal

The Rubik’s Cube was invented (I had no idea!)480px-Rubik's_cube.svg

The Godfather Part 2 won Best Picture (Love that movie)

People Magazine began to be published

The Spring of 1974 saw the Terracotta Army Unearthed

Hawaii Five-0, All in the Family,  The Walton’s, The Sonny and Cher Show, M*A*S*H were among the top 10 tv shows.

Walking Tall, The Exorcist, Halloween, The Towering Inferno, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Carrie were some of the movies that opened that year.

The Six-Million-Dollar Man, Little House on the Prairie, The Young and the Restless, The Rockford Files are some of the shows that began that year

Some of these facts were found at

Jenn was born 🙂

These are just a few things that were going on!  I want to know what was going on the year you were born…or maybe you have more to add to 1974!  Here’s how you can play… Simply write a post and share some fun facts.  Tag the post “40 Isn’t Old” and share the link to your post in the comment section below.  If you don’t blog..that’s ok!  You can just post the happenings of your year right in the comments!

Ready? Set? GO!  Enjoy your trips down memory lane!  I’m looking forward to reading all the fun facts!


4 thoughts on “Look Out 40…Here I come!”

  1. I love it! Oh my gosh, how fun!! 😀 I can’t wait for more Window Into… Jenn! It’s such a great lead-up to a special birthday. And I enjoyed learning a few new things about my birth year. Apparently, 1982 was the year the emoticon or smiley 🙂 was invented. Who knew? (Although I don’t know that I can beat ‘invention of the Rubik’s Cube.’ That’s awesomely geek-tastic!)

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