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Wednesday. ..


I’d love to say I actually have a smile on my face today…but I can’t!  I have one of those headaches that is just noticeable enough to be annoying…ugg…on top of that a physical with the Dr. this morning…good times!  Oh well, it is Wednesday and I am very happy … despite the nagging in my brain!  I’m also happy because the weather forecast is FINALLY calling for warmer weather…and by warmer I mean only -13c instead of -30c!  At the moment it’s still a bitter -25 with a wind chill of -39…or -13F and -38F with the wind…I can’t wait until Spring!

Ok, enough bellyaching… the week has been going well, as long as you don’t look at what I’ve been eating!  hahaha…I have been recording everything like I said I would and am staying under my daily calorie total…but that doesn’t mean it’s been healthy!  I am still eating a lot of junk…Must get better!  Went to the gym yesterday and did 20 minutes on an inclined treadmill….it was awesome!  It felt great to be there.  I didn’t get there today because of the Dr. appointment…but am going twice tomorrow…once in the morning and then in the evening to meet with a trainer and hopefully set up a strength work out to go along with my C25K training…This is going to be AWESOME!

I also booked a bowling night fundraiser for Feb. 21!  And am working with someone who will help me with silent auction items…that will be a good evening I hope!

Well folks…I just wanted to say HAPPY WEDNESDAY!  HAPPPY HUMP DAY!  HAPPY THERE ARE ONLY 2 MORE WORK DAYS LEFT THIS WEEK day…. you get it!  Have a good one!  Cheers!


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