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January 2, 2014~Here’s to New Beginnings

Or should I say~ Here’s to starting over!  Way back in June I decided that losing 120lbs was going to be a huge challenge!  I was sooooo right.  SO I decided to do it one pound at a time.  My aim?  Lose one pound a week…that’s it.  Sounds simple enough.  Well…if you have been following, it’s really not that simple…not for me anyway.  My mouth and lazy butt keep getting in the way!  I have had this conversation with my dad several times…it’s not about losing weight, it’s about changing your lifestyle.  That is where the hard work comes in!

I know it’s not Monday, but I thought this was soo funny and sooo me!

We…and I mean I … am so good at excuses.  They are so easy to come up with.  “Brian has to work so we need something quick to eat”-quick equals not so healthy.  “I haven’t been sleeping so I’m too tired to work on my menu today.”  “I’m not hungry so I’ll have a snack now and eat later”-that snack turns out to be as big a meal could have been.  “I will try again tomorrow…today I want this!”  “I can’t go to the gym today, there isn’t time.”  “It’s too cold to go work out.”  “I’m to tired.”  “My back hurts!” See…easy, and none of those were really valid right? And yet, I used them and let them win.  Changing my lifestyle isn’t as easy as I had hoped.

I need to reboot my brain!  I need to get off my comfy couch…and let me tell you it is very comfy..and get my butt moving.  I need to stop making excuses and just DO IT!!!  So why can’t I?  Here are some things I Have been thinking about over the holidays….

1.  I am completely lazy!  This is probably my biggest problem.  I love being comfortable.  I love relaxing, visiting with friends, watching my kids play and crocheting.  That’s what I love doing.  And I do it…rather well!  Too well if I’m honest!

2. I love food!  And not the healthy food either.  Is it a bad thing when you order take out and they delivery guy has a conversation with you like you’ve been BFF’s for ever!??  I’d say..YUP! It’s embarrassing!  Although rather funny to me!

3. I lack motivation.  At least I think that is what it is.  Maybe motivation isn’t the right word.  I see the big picture (120lbs, new eating plan, exercise plan, training for a half marathon) and I just feel defeated before I even get my shoes on!  I want to start, but if I can’t build Rome in a day I just can’t do it period!

4. I’m afraid of failing.  I can start an eating plan, a work out and be doing really well but then something happens.  A kid is sick, I am sick, it’s too cold, there isn’t enough time…what ever the excuse of the day is…and I see it as failing so I quit.  I say I’ll start again next week.  Fresh week, fresh start.  But it doesn’t happen because…see Point 3.

How do I fix these problems?  Well, I have been thinking about this answer as well.  It comes down to three P’s.  Pray, Plan, Participate

1. Pray.  I am a Christian after all and this should be my first GO TO.  Seeking strength and guidance from Him who made me should be Numero Uno!  (very bad spelling, sorry).  Also asking others to pray for me is a big help.  So, please pray 🙂

2. Plan.  Set manageable goals.  Write and record goals as they are met (hence my blog).  Have a back up plan for days when the gym doesn’t work, or the meal that day isn’t doable.  Menu plan, work out plan, life plan.  PLAN PLAN PLAN!

3. Participate.  Take part in my own life.  Stop sitting on the couch and let it pass me by.

I have a couple resources I can lean on to get this year off on the right foot.  First, my good friend Pamela!  She doesn’t know this but she has been a huge inspiration to me this past few months.  She joined her cousin for a running class a while ago and pushed herself, ran whenever she could and on January 1st ran a 5K event in 39 minutes.  Now I don’t know if that’s good or not, but it’s way better than I could do that’s for sure.  I’m so proud of her.  I know I can do the same, I just need to harness her “go gettem” attitude…way to go my friend!  (insert cheesy Wind Beneath My Wings music here)  😉  Second is a bible study I have done in the past.  It starts online at Proverbs 31 Ministries and it’s called Made to Crave.  It’s a 6 week study about learning to Crave God instead of food…we are made for more than that.  I enjoyed it the first time but wasn’t really focused on it.  Time to get serious about it this time around.  You can join it too if you like…it’s free and can be found here.   I am also reading a book called “The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts” by Hanne Blank.  She has written this book in the hopes that ladies “of Size” will learn to live IN their bodies not just WITH their bodies. It’s been a great read so far.  I will write a book review when I am finished reading it.

Wow…I did not expect this to be such a HUGE post today…for that I’m sorry.  If your still reading…Congratulations!  You will never get these few minutes back…hope it was worth it 🙂  I don’t do resolutions, but saying that this whole post sounds like just that.  So I guess that is what it is.  I resolve to Pray, Plan and Participate.  I hope that as I continue my journey I will help motivate or inspire even one person to do the same.

Happy New Year all….what are your resolutions?  Do you make them?  Care to share?

Until next time…


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