My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

Window Into…Holiday Lights

Last night we friend to do a little light tour and it didn’t go so well. It is so cold it just wasn’t fun. So we took Caleb to a little Christmas party…he won a gingerbread house…and we drove past some houses on the way home. Christmas eve is supposed to be warmer so we will try then.

However…miss Abi and I were the only ones up this morning so I decided to try some pictures. They are a little blurry but I thought they were cute.

This weeks Window Into….Holiday Lights. Have a good weekend…




1 thought on “Window Into…Holiday Lights”

  1. Bummer that the weather froze you out of a fun holiday lights tour! On the upside, that first picture of Abi silhouetted in front of your Christmas tree turned out amazing! I love the colors and contrast of light & dark. 🙂 I hope you & your family had an absolutely wonderful Christmas!

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