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Decemer 19, 2013 ~ Oh Christmas Tree

I love decorating the tree!  Yesterday we put ours up and trimmed it out very pretty like….

And tonight I think we will take a tour of some Christmas Lights…load up the car, bundle up ~ It’s a deep freeze again a high of -22c for today~ pick up some Tim’s and drive around.  I can’t wait!  Another family tradition we used to do with my parents as kids.

Do you have any family traditions?  Have you started your own?  Ok kids…Sharing Circle Time  🙂

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Decemer 19, 2013 ~ Oh Christmas Tree”

  1. Our traditions include delivering baking & a card to our neighbours, new pj’s Christmas Eve from the pajama elves & according to C this year we’re going to be going caroling 😉 I believe the only ones I’ll subject to that is Nana & Grampa lol

    1. Haha…and they will love every minute of it. Our kids are getting a Christmas Eve box with a movie, poocon, pj’s and socks. It will be the first year for this and I can’t wait…tried to do the light tour thing and it is just too cold…Brrrr…enjoy the caroling!!

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