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December 16, 2013 ~ Keep Calm, and Keep Moving

Good Monday Morning!  How is your week looking?  Mine?  Busy!  My parents get here today!  I’m so excited!!!  Then it’s time to get the rest of my Christmas Shopping done, pick up some groceries, finish some scarves for Team Diabetes, and a blanket for my brother.  Yup…..It’s going to be CRAZY!

But wait…what about the gym?  What about trying to get some training in?  NO TIME!  Or maybe there is…thanks to a little nudge from a blog I had a read on this morning … Keep Calm, and Keep Moving…. I really need to put the excuses away and just GO!  So I will promise to get to the gym 3 times this week.

I thought I would do a little Pre-Christmas Food Party weigh in today…

Weight: 270 (nothing gained or lost!  I’m ok with this)

Goal: 269 (again)

We shall see how things go.  I am going to give myself permission to enjoy the holiday feasting but keep it within a reasonable amount of enjoyment!   That’s the key right…reasonable 🙂  I can do that!

Have a great week!  Keep Moving!  Give yourself permission to Enjoy the holiday feasting too!


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