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December 11, 2013 ~ Another Chilly Wednesday Check In

Good morning….hows the weather where you are?  Man, the deep freeze continues here with another wind chill warning….right now the temp is even at -41C / -42F with the windp; Brrr…. it’s so cold the scale is frozen!  Thats right, I am happy to report a no change weigh in.  Yeah! 

Weight: 270
Goal: 269

I have to say, I’m a bit surprised because I feel likening have been in hibernation mode all week.  The colder it is the more I want to sleep.  I haven’t been hungry though so I eat my meals and haven’t really been snacking.  So I’m ok with where I am in the world today 🙂  Not happy to be living in the coldest place of the universe though!

I haven’t been to the gym in what feels like forever.  Life has been so crazy…but when I look back at the past week I think I was just avoiding it.  So I have to get out ofnthe work out slump.  This week it  most likely won’t happen.  I missed work Monday because my little man Caleb was sick and has to take him to the ER, so to make up for that I’m working an extra hour every day the rest of the week.  And I’m doing the same next week because I have to miss Friday for his dental surgery…and my parents will be here!  I’d rather spend my non work time with them.  Yikes…then its CHRISTMAS!!!!!  And who wants to work out then!

So it looks like I won’t get to the gym until next year and thats ok with me.  I will find things to keep me moving at’s called my kids!  However! In  January I have to start seriously training so I can run my Half Marathon in Scotland with Team Diabetes.  I can walk it if I want to but I have challenged myself to run more than half of it….about 8 miles.  Right now I can’t run 8 minutes! Long way to go…be in it on! 

So there you have it folks.  Live from the frozen land of Saskatchewan! Stay warm…

Happy Wednesday!

It could happen right??


2 thoughts on “December 11, 2013 ~ Another Chilly Wednesday Check In”

    1. And for added it warmed up to only -1 …. so 30 or so. Very nice but hard on the system…its only a tease though….by Thursday back to the ice age we go…can’t wait!! NOT!!! hahaha

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