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December 7, 2013~God Is Not Dead

(Enjoy the song while you read…it is just music no video)

Its 248 in the morning and I just finished telling my little Abi the story of Cinderella(I had to tell it from memory so some creative licensing was taken in a few places). She is now sound asleep resting on my chest and I can’t get a certain Christmas song out of my head.
While my dad was posted in Colorado Springs, CO, my grade two class sang Mary’s Boy Child for a concert. To help me learn it my dad would play a version by Harry Belafonte.

I have loved his songs and his voice ever since. I especially love his Christmas songs. They are soothing and festive and are full of stories and meaning. This one is my most favorite of them all.

As I listen to it again tonight (this morning rather) I relate to its words. I see so much evil and unrest in the world…just watch the news; read your local or a national paper; go to the mall; walk downtown. Its everywhere — disasters, fighting, hate, greed. How can a person win when trying to share the Christmas Story today when the enemy seems to be in control? It makes my heart hurt.

I don’t know the answer to the question “if God loves everyone why is there so many bad things happening in the world?”. I don’t understand completly myself.

Then I heard a line in this song…

Day 7:

I feel hope in this. This is the reason for the Christmas Story. He has come down to us once before…in the body of His Son. He will come again….

The world is a hurtful horrible place. We are lost and without Hope we will stay lost. Jesus is that hope! His birth begins the end of all evil and, I believe one day, He will prevail and we will have peace…Hope in Him…

Have a blessed weekend


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