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December 6, 2013~ It’s so cold….

I have no idea how to end that statement…it is really just SO COLD!  -45c with the wind chill! Google tells me that’s -48f…is that true??  It seems so wrong!   It’s a good day for staying indoors with a cup of something HOT and family.  I’ll add some crocheting while I watch the kids play and it’s almost a perfect day….to make it perfect throw in a nap! (not likely to happen in our house…can’t win’em all!)

It looks like it will be much the same all weekend long.  I don’t want to go anywhere!  Unfortunately I have to get groceries, Abi has swimming lessons and I have to head across town to  buy yarn (it’s so cold I’d rather not go yarn shopping!!)

Day 6

“And … there went out a decree that all the world should be taxed…And all went to be taxed, everyone into his own city” ~ Luke 2: 1,3

When Mary and Joseph made their way to Bethlehem to be counted and pay taxes, Mary was fairly well along in her pregnancy.  So, they jumped on their trusty donkey and made the very long journey from Nazareth to the City of David–aka Bethlehem.  According to Google…because it was around back then…it’s about 80 miles.  Now I don’t know about you, but driving 80 miles in the last trimester would have been the end of me…way too many bathroom stops!  I can’t imagine making the trip through a desert on the back of a donkey.  YIKES!  But they did it.  And the rest of the story unfolded just as it was predicted by prophets of the Old testament … more on that as we continue on 🙂

So there are 18 days left until Christmas!  How is everyone doing so far?  Ready?  Not Ready?  Close?  Decorated?  Ba Humbugging?   This weekend we will attempt to decorate a little…and then try to keep Abi away from it all, good times 🙂  Have a great weekend!  Stay Warm!!





2 thoughts on “December 6, 2013~ It’s so cold….”

  1. I almost choked on my tea when I read that, Jenn. -48F?!! Silly, naive Californian that I am, I honestly did not know it got so cold in places outside Siberia. OH MY GOODNESS! Natural selection would’ve taken me long ago had I been born in Canada! I hope you stayed warm & cozy!!

    1. Yep….it sure does. I’ll have to start calling thus place Little Siberia. .haha…its warmed up today though…only -31f with the wind chill…I have been told it was too cold to snow…we had ice crystals! A person has to question their sanity to stay in a place like this …. 🙂

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