My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!, The Road Home

December 5, 2013~ To Be Chosen

I don’t know about you, but I always hated games at school where we picked our teams.  Not because I was chosen last, but because I always felt bad for the last one to be chosen.  The look on their face as the get to go to their team by default because they were the last one left standing there…head down kicking the dirt.  It sucked!  What was cool though was when the last person picked was the hero of the team…that made things seem a little better in some way.  For some people, to be chosen at all meant something…even if they were last.

Day 5:

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her.~ Luke 1:38

Mary was chosen to bear The Son of Man.  The one in whom the world would find hope, forgiveness and salvation.  There wasn’t a line up of girls and the Angel hummed and hawed about his choice.  Mary was the one God chose and even though she was scared she said Yes.

Everyday we are chosen for something.  Sometimes we will hear that small voice asking us to step outside of our comfort zones and sometimes we miss it all together and upon reflection realize what was happening.  When we do hear the call, however, do we jump in and say YES?  Or do we react like one of my favorite Bible characters Moses and give a bunch of excuses as to why we wouldn’t be the right pick?  I’d love to say I say yes all the time…unfortunately, I don’t.  I usually offer excuses and then I feel guilty about it later.

I am not good at stepping out of my comfort zone…this blog series is an example of that.  I am excited about being an active Christian and getting Gods Love out there and His Son known.  I just back off when I feel like I might offend or put someone off.  I decided to do this Advent Series because I need to grow and so do my kids.  Sharing this amazing story with them is my starting point…sharing it with you through this arena is step two.

What are you not saying YES to?  Maybe you should…. It might change your life in ways you could never imagine!


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