My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!, The Road Home

December 4, 2013~Nothing Is Impossible

Day 4:

Nothing is impossible for God!”~ Luke 1:37


Anyone who has followed my blog this past year or two know about the struggles we have had with our boy Caleb. From not being able to communicate to eating we have had quite the ride. Throughout it all God has been faithful in providing the right assistance at all the right times. When we were concerned about his speach doors opened that allowed him to see specialists and even get him into a class that would be geared to helping him….even with waiting lists and tins of interviews that made it seem like it wouldn’t happen. Now, in his secibd year of pre-school, his speach is amazing…not perfect, but amazing. Every day it gets better.
I prayed…you prayed…we all prayed….and God provided. He is faithful. We are still working with some struggles…eating is a big one right now, although getting better, but we continue to pray and wait to see how God will answer.

Mary, Jesus’ mother, has just been told that her cousin will soon have a son…even though she is much older and was sure she would never conceive. At the same time she has been told she will also have a son. Her queston is how can these things happen…the answer? Basically, God can do anything. She agrees to bear the child and begin a wonderful journey knowing who her child will be and what He will do. I have no idea what her emotions were doing or what she went through knowing these things. As a mother I don’t think it would be easy. But I am sure she knew The One in chatge and trusted Him because of his promise that nothing is impossible.

Now with two children, I trust this promise every day. I have seen it played out in my sons life as well as my own.

Trust everyday and dare to believe in the impossible.


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