The One Pound Plan

December 4, 2013~ Wednesday Weigh In

It should actually be called Wednesday Laugh In because if I don’t laugh I might cry……ugg…its not news from the scale today and I know why…no gym,  old eating habbits = increased weight….oh well.  Tis the season for stretchy pants anyway!   “Better luck next week” I heard the scale sigh today…and ita right,  next week will be better.  🙂

Weight: 270 (again)
Goal:269 (again)

I am not going to beat myself up over this.  I just need to keep trying to make better choices,  and make adjustments where I can.  One big one is coffee…I drink too much.  Coffee itself isn’t bad it’s the stuff I add to it…cream and sugar.  So,  and this is a heads up,  I’m going to try a week with tea instead and more water.  I use skim milk and no sugar in my tea…that alone should help a little 🙂 Boy I sound like a broken record…hahaha…but I have to keep trying and telling myself over and over what I am doing and why!  Sorry you have to re-read it all the time 🙂  Blogs…they are cheaper than therapy 😉

My plan over the next couple of weeks is to build a routine around the gym.  I have a training program on my phone called “C25K” which means “Couch to 5k” and they say if I follow this plan I will be able to run 5k in 8 weeks.  We shall see…I’ll keep you posted on that.  I am also planning to meet with a trainer at the gym to set up a weight program as well.  Cardio is great, but teamed up with weights this fat stuff doesn’t stand a chance!  😀 That’s my weigh in this week…stay tuned for more…

And on a  totally unrelated topic…

I was listening to Christmas Music last night…one of my Favorite Things, and a group came on that totally makes me smile…Straight No Chaser!  They are awesome!  They have a couple Christmas tunes that get stuck in my head and I really don’t mind.  I thought I would share them with you all today…

There you have it…They make me smile!  If you ever have a chance, check out their other songs too…truly amazing group.  Hope you have a Super Duper Wednesday!  Cheers!


5 thoughts on “December 4, 2013~ Wednesday Weigh In”

  1. I have a few friends who’ve done the Couch to 5K program and told me how empowering it was! All ended up taking longer than 8 weeks (because life happens), but one of the wonderful things about the program is that there’s no reason to rush! Your other reader said it best- keep up all that good work! 🙂

    1. Thanks…I am such a wimp I haven’t braved the cold mornings to get to the gym so I haven’t started yet. Its supposed to warm up this week – I hear a high of -30c..look out its a heat wave!- so I might give it a go starting Tuesday…until then..time for some hot chocolate…cheers

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