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November 22~~Happy Frozen Friday!

imageWell, I made it to the gym once this week!  UGG!  I am not liking my back being sore.  But I will be back at it again on Monday.  I feel much better today so I should be ready to go by then!

How cold is it where you are??  I am freezing!  I am not cut out for winters here in Saskatchewan and I have been here for almost 10 years!  Right now it’s -23 but feels like -37 with the wind chill….for my friends south of the border (and probably a lot warmer) that’s -13f but feels like -28.

ITS COLD!!!!!  I would much rather be home under a warm blanket crocheting….who am I kidding…I would ALWAYS rather be crocheting 🙂

This weekend is the 101st Grey Cup Championship Football Game!  I still don’t know who I’m cheering for.  The Riders are playing for the cup at home and that is very cool…but I have NEVER cheered for them…I would feel like I am betraying my BC Lions!  The other team…the Tiger Cats are from the east and I also don’t cheer for the east very often.  I will cheer for them both and see what happens.  Its going to be a COLD game played outdoors…I hear it’s supposed to warm up to almost 0, we shall see.  Either way… I will be warm at home enjoying some finger foods and eggnog with my family!  I can’t wait!


So, may the best team win!  And may the city survive either way!


Grey CupHappy Friday…Stay warm!  and Cheer Loud!





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