The One Pound Plan

November 20~Once again

So last night I was woken up at 230 by a pain in my lower back-kind of like someone sticking a hot poker into my spine right between my hips! And to make it a really good time, Miss Abi woke up at that same time. Normally I’m fine doing stairs after a run work out, just stiff. Not so much this time. I had a hard time walking down the stairs and I was afraid my legs might give out on me and we’d both go flying down the stairs. It wasn’t a good night. Nor was it any better today. So the treadmill had a break…for today!

If nothing else I have discovered 2 things from this. 1. STRETCH! !! Its the law! Otherwise the fine will be a painful inability to move later! 2. Shoes! Get better ones….yes! I get to go shoe shopping this weekend! !!

So I’m wondering…what makes a good shoe for running? Thoughts?

I feel like poop today….not just because I’m in pain. But because I missed the gym…again. I’m going tomorrow for sure…so I hope mr. treadmill enjoyed his break today…

I was surfing Pintrest last night, looking for funny pins to share with my friends and I found this gem…the mental image it gave made me laugh for a little while….so I’ll share it with you too…until tomorrow…enjoy the chuckle!



2 thoughts on “November 20~Once again”

  1. Ha! I love that cartoon at the bottom! Not to get on my running shoes soapbox again, but oh my gosh, YES, they make such a huge difference. A lot of running store places will recommend a type of shoe based on your arches, aches & pains, jogging stance, etc. Stability shoes help with my super-flat feet, but I suppose it’s different for everyone! I hope you’re feeling better this week!

    1. Thanks…I’m feeling well enough to try going back to the gym we shall see howbit goes. I still need shoes so I’ll take it easy and slow 🙂 anything is better than sitting at home…hahaha

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