The One Pound Plan

November 19, 2013~Tuesday Check In


Well It’s that time of week again….Weigh in!  I have been curious to see if my running/walking intervals and trying to eat better have made a difference.  Well….I was surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning….

Weight: 265

Goal: 264

So normally I wouldn’t make a note of what was actually lost in the last week but I feel pretty good about this past week…I’m down 5lbs!  I’m super motivated now…

Last night my good friend Cindy showed me a new app for my phone that will help me rack calories, exercise, and my weight loss.  I started using it today and I think it will work out really well.  It’s call “MyFittnessPal”  When entering food, if there is a bar code you can simply scan it and it will do all the calculations for you.  I will have fun getting to know it and use it.  I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going.  Currently it says I will be down to 247.5 lbs in 5 weeks if I keep up the work I am at…hmm….we shall see 🙂

Other than that, things are going well.  I have been able to convince myself to make better food choices.  I have even managed to tell myself that if I’m going to cheat to make it a small one and not to feel guilty about it.  Guilt will shut me down so fast!  It’s a work in progress again and this week has been good!

Nothing much really to report today.  I was back at my 20 minute intervals again today and if I can keep them up this week I will bump up my running time next week!  I also found a Wii Fit workout routine that I am going to try at home once the kids are in bed…I’m curious to see if it’s as much of a work out it’s saying it is 🙂  I will be fun no matter what!

Well time to get my day going!  Until tomorrow!  Walk/Run on!


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