The One Pound Plan

November 12~Time to get back to basics

So a long time ago…at least it seems like it was a long time ago….I started on a journey to lose one pound and keep it off for a year.  Well,  the goos news is that first pound I lost is still gone,  nowhere to be seen…so far.  The bad news is I have lost and gained the same 13 pounds twice!   After being sick and away for two weeks I’m back up again.  But I guess being stubborn has its advantages!   I’m refusing to quit!

Today’s weight: 270

Dispite having a late night with the kids…Abi was up at 1 for three hours…I still went to the gym.  Machine work outs suck…just for the record!   I’m sure they will get better as I go but today….I hated it!   Add to that the fact I’m still coughing and I feel it was a waist of time.  But not at the same time.  I did 20 minutes (that’s all they let you do at a time) on the treadmill and I fought to finish 10 on the elliptical…fighting to breath and through the burn in my legs.  Tonorrow I will try to add some weights as well. 

It will be a fight to get used to working out at thw gym again.  To get used to being seen by others and to not feel like they are judging me…we are all there for the same reason…but I will make it.  I used to really enjoy it when I was in Calgary…I can and will enjoy it here.

This picture makes me smile…


Have a great Tuesday all!   Until tomorrow!


1 thought on “November 12~Time to get back to basics”

  1. Yay for your ‘stubbornness’ and refusing to quit! 🙂 As much as I used to hate the gym when I first started going, I now find myself kinda-sorta-maybe-almost craving it when I’m not able to go as often. It snuck up on me and became a habit. (And I personally think anyone who’s judging at the gym has a problem with themselves. Like you said, we’re all there trying to be healthy… more power to those with the determination to make it there at all! I’m usually so exhausted I don’t notice anything beyond the clock ticking down to when I’m done!)

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