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To Rome, With Love

I have beem following this WONDERFUL blog for a little while…if you love travel but like me, might not ever get to do it….this will make you feel like you’ve been where she’s been….she’s an amazing writer of detail…and this one is on the bucket list! Enjoy!

Spend Your Days

Day #10,356:

Dear Rome,

I really wanted to like you.

You’re Rome, for goodness sake.  The Eternal City!  The seat of the Roman Empire!  And you know how I have a soft spot for historical splendor.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to make of you at first.

rome italy colosseum

You came on a little strong.  The honking, the catcalling, the stifling heat.  Just… gimme some space to breathe, will you?


I almost washed my hands of you the first day we met.  But you wouldn’t let me give up so quickly.

You were persistent.  You kept sending little gifts my way.

That’s when I started to like you.

Just a little.

You are kinda charming… and that confidence is enviable.

And you’re just so darn fascinating, Rome.

Plus, you’re easy on the eyes.

But arrrgggh, as soon as I’d start to fall for you, I’d remember why I found you so…

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