My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

November 7 (well it’s actually the 8th now), 2013

It is so nice …no GREAT…to be home.  Almost as if she knew I was home…or maybe the dogs having a barking competition that did it…miss Abi woke up.  She is worse than I thought.  She is asleep in my arms as I write and she is having a hard time breathing normal.  Maybe I’m being paranoid…but I’m worried we are heading in the same direction we were in last year….sad lama face (hope you’ve seen the movie Emperors New Groove in order to get that reference) My poor angel.  Caleb seems to be sleeping fine.  I haven’t heard him cough once since I’ve been home.  So,  we shall see what the morning brings.  For now I’m totally happy to snuggle my little girl while she snores in my arms.  Teehee…it sounds cute.

Today was a good day wrapping up the conference.  Clean up was quick and organized.  My head is still spinning from all the great and encouraging people I met this week.  Pastors from my region as well as the other regions.  It was also great fun working with the other two regional admins…


Miss Sharon from the Alberta  region…


And Miss Dawn from the BC, Yukon regions. 

I personally hate selfies….but they make these ones look good!   Thanks for a great week ladies!  

I work with a bunch of amazing people from all over…I just didn’t get pictures of everyone. 

While driving out of Banff,  the clouds cleared and this majestic mountain wished us well on our trip….


I can not wait to go back next year….if I’m still doing this job.  (I’m currently covering a maternity leave for a good friend). 

Oh…I can’t do my last post on Banff without showing the last meal…


A baccon,  egg, sausage and pancake buffet!   Yeah for stretchy pants!   Oh yeah…its smothered in real maple syrup! !!   MMMMMM…..

Until next year…


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