My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

November 6, 2013

Well…its the last night of the conference.   I am exhausted!   But I feel refreshed in the Word from the past few days.  Therr have been some great messages shared….I’m thankful I was able to come!

On my break today I ventured outside to try and get a picture of this beautiful place from the outaide…




It was just about supper time so the lights were on…so prety! 

At lunch I went out the back side of the hotel and got a couple nice pictures there too…




It is so AWEsome here….I can’t stop looking at the mountains. 

I am so looking forward to being home tomorrow too.  Its has been a blessing to be here with this wonderful group … but its time to be a mom again and get home 🙂  Tomorrow!  

Thanks for putting up with my random posts.  Soon I’ll be back to posting my regular stuff…starting with a weigh in on Friday….I’m curious how well I have been fed this week 😉

On that note…supper tonight was a buffet…I wish I had my stretchy pants on….
First…the table setting. ..I feel so high class…

I had to ask what they were all for….hehehe…


Chicken,  scalloped potatoes,  carrots,  pasta with alfredo sauce….and dessert…


Grapes,  pineapple, strawberry,  Nanaimo bars,  mini lemon tart and chocolate cheese cake bite.  After all the amazing food,  I dont think the scale will be very nice to me….hahaha…it will show no mercy! 

Have a great night!



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