My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

November 5, 2013

Christmas has come to the hotel…


This lovely tree has been set up in the main lobby….and it is beautiful!  

Today was really good.  Met more people,  ate way too much food and had some really good bible lessons.  I feel so refreshed and exhausted at the same time…it’s wonderful. 

I didn’t get out to take many pictures today but I’ll share a couple I did take.



This is where we had supper tonight.  I looked around and imagined when it was a castle the parties ans banquets they must have had….my pictures do not do the room justice at all!

For supper tonight,  they managed to get my two least favorite foods….squash soup and salmon!   But people who know me will be pleased to know I tried both!   I even ate almost half my salmkn beforeb I just couldn’t take it anymore….see…


And now for the participation portion of tonights post…..can you guess what we had for dessert?


I know it looks a little crude…but let me tell you…it was YUMMY!

It has been a bleaaing of a day.  There are a few kids here the same age as Abi and Caleb and I watch them run around and I miss my kids sooo much….but hearing these kids laugh warms my heart!   Caleb is still sick and Brian thinks he’s getting worse.  Tomorrow they will decide if he needs to see the dr again or not.  Mis Abi has not been sleeping and had a low fever yesterday so I’m hoping we don’t have a repeat of last year….no more hospital stays for me please!  

Have a good night all…I’m off to my bed early again to give in to the oncoming food coma….until tomorrow!


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